The Perfect Pitch Deck for a Consumer Brand

As a consumer brand startup, you know that your product or service is unique and can and can be a real game-changer for your consumers. However, communicating the unique value of your company to potential investors can be a challenge. That’s where a well-designed and structured pitch deck can make all the difference. Not only will it help you stand out from the competition, but it will also help you clearly articulate to investors why this is an opportunity for rare returns.

Let’s take a look at some key points to keep in mind when creating a perfect pitch deck for your consumer brand startup:

1. Make the Problem Clear

The first step in making a compelling pitch is to share a compelling pain point that opens the eyes of the reader. Start by painting a vivid picture of why this is a problem and why it needs to be solved now. Make a bold and compelling statement and use real-world examples and statistics to make your point in supporting slides. This will leave the reader anxious to see how you will solve this problem.

2. Match your Solution with Key Points of the Problem

Once you have clearly defined the problem, it’s time to explain how your product addresses this problem. Highlight the key features and benefits of your solution, and explain why it is better than existing alternatives. The idea that you will need to get across is that this problem is so huge that it creates an opportunity that only your company can fill. Be sure to weave the two sections together with a compelling story.

3. Clearly State the Market Size

Investors want to know that if they invest in your company that there is a large enough opportunity to justify the risk of the investment. Many times companies fail to mention the scale/size of the opportunity or they don’t provide enough quantitative detail to show what the market really looks like. Take the extra step and get an actual sizing of your market and multiply those potential customers by the price of your product. This will show that you have done the homework and it also gives you a realistic benchmark to use in the life of your business.

4. Create a Roadmap & Key Milestones

If anyone plans on investing in your company, they want to know where you plan to put that money to work. Create a roadmap that outlines your goals and milestones, and explain how you plan to achieve them. Use as many dates and key milestones as possible to show that you’ve put thought into what will make you successful. The key to this is to make sure that your numbers and milestones are realistic with the amount of funding you plan to receive because you will be judged against these key milestones as you grow your company and seek further rounds of financing.

5. Brevity is Key

As much as we want to seem like the smartest people in the room, resist the urge to use too much text and drown your reader in information. Your deck should be bold, to the point, and easily understandable. Use concise language and engaging visuals to convey your message. Remember, at the end of the day an investor is investing in your ability to share your story, the pitch deck is simply a supporting document that gives your pitch credibility.

6. Simple, Clean & Bold Design

Design matters. Your deck is a reflection of your brand. Consumer brands are primarily judged based on their ability to market and catch the eyes of users. Use your deck as a way to show your potential investor how you plan to represent your brand to other parties and tell a clear, coherent, and well-designed story. Leverage design teams where necessary to help you fill the gaps where you need them.

Creating a perfect pitch deck for your consumer brand startup requires a combination of creativity and strategic thinking. By following these key points, you can create a pitch deck that not only communicates your message effectively but also captures the attention of investors and shares your story. Remember, your pitch deck is an opportunity to showcase your brand’s unique value proposition and demonstrate your potential for success. Experts like us at MAVRK Studio help with the flow of the deck and design. If you need help with creating a perfect pitch deck for your company, contact us here and we’ll bring your vision to life!

Written by:

Aaron Swinton

Aaron Swinton

Founder, investor, and operator in the startup space with a passion for building and investing in high-growth companies.


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