Boom! You have a brilliant idea for your business and want to stand out from the crowd. What’s first? Creating a brand logo that tells your potential customers who you are, what you do, and most importantly, what you stand for. In this blog, we will take you through the art of designing a brand logo that is both unique and timeless.

1. Spend the Time, Get to Know Your Brand

Before you start crafting your logo, it is crucial to know your brand. Your brand’s personality, values, and goals should be reflective in your logo. As soon as your ideal target audience glances at your logo, they should think “I have to check this brand out!” Before you can hook the audience, take some time to define your brand’s identity and think about how you want to be perceived. You can ask yourself these questions: Who is your ideal target audience? What makes your brand unique? What are your brand’s values? What message do you want to convey through your logo? 

2. Rule of Thumb: Keep It Simple

Have you ever seen a logo that had a lot going on? You realize that you spend more time confused than thinking “Wow! What a great logo – what’s this brand about?” A simple logo is not only easier to recognize and understand but more memorable and versatile across different mediums. As you’d want to place your logo everywhere – from stickers at local coffee shops to your website! Avoid using too many colors, fonts, or elements that could clutter your design. Instead, focus on creating a simple and clear design that conveys your brand’s essence. A great example of a simple and effective logo is Nike’s swoosh, which is recognizable worldwide.

3. Originality for the Win

You have a brilliant business in the works, your logo should help you stand out from the crowd. Some of the best advice we can offer is avoid using generic templates or copying other logos. However, they can aid as inspiration during your brand identity exploration process. But when it comes to actually designing your logo, focus on creating something that represents your brand and is instantly recognizable. Think about what sets your business apart from others and try to incorporate those unique qualities into your logo. A great example of this is FedEx, which has a hidden arrow in it that represents the company’s focus on speed and precision.

4. Your Color Palette Matters

Did you know that colors can evoke emotions and even influence consumer behavior? With this knowledge, utilize this psychology tip to your advantage. After crafting your brand identity, choose colors that complement your brand’s personality and values. Consider how your logo will look in black and white or on different backgrounds. It’s okay to use multiple colors (we’d recommend 3 – max!) but don’t go overboard. Too many colors can make your logo look unprofessional and difficult to read. A great example of using color effectively is Coca-Cola’s red and white logo.

Let’s Create Together

Yeah, the art of designing a brand logo is not a walk in the park. However, you don’t have to be alone in the developmental phase. At MAVRK Studio, we make the process seamless and work with you every step of the way to make your brilliant brand come to life in a logo.

Check out our work here. We’ll see you in an introductory meeting soon! 


The Art of Designing a Brand Logo

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