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Top 10 Questions to Ask a Branding Agency Before Hiring

Choosing the right branding agency is akin to finding a partner for a long-term relationship. The right fit can catalyze your brand’s growth, while a mismatch can lead to frustrating results. Given the pivotal role branding plays in a business’s success, it’s crucial to ask the right questions before signing on with an agency.

Here, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of questions to guide you in finding a branding agency that aligns with your vision, values, and objectives.

1. What is your approach to branding?

  • Why this matters: Each agency has its own philosophy and methodology. Understanding their approach gives you insight into how they work and if it aligns with your own beliefs about branding.

2. Can you show me some of your past work?

  • Why it’s crucial: A portfolio provides a tangible demonstration of an agency’s style, creativity, and results. Did you know that according to Digiday, 64% of consumers make a purchase after viewing a branded social video?

3. Who will be working on my project?

  • Why you should ask: You’ll want to ensure that you’re working with experienced professionals, not just handed off to junior staff or interns. Effective teams typically blend both experienced strategists and fresh creative minds.

4. How do you handle research and strategy?

  • The significance: Successful branding isn’t just about eye-catching designs. It’s rooted in deep understanding and strategy. Consider this: the Content Marketing Institute reported that 89% of B2B marketers view brand awareness as a more important goal than sales or lead generation.

5. What are the expected timelines for milestones and deliverables?

  • Why you need to know: This helps you plan your own timelines and ensures the agency can meet your deadlines.

6. How do you handle feedback and revisions?

  • Why this matters: The branding process often requires tweaks and revisions. An agency’s willingness and procedure for handling changes are crucial for a smooth collaboration. It’s interesting to note that open and transparent communication can reduce project revisions by up to 20%.

7. What’s the estimated cost, and are there any additional fees I should be aware of?

  • The significance: Budget overruns are a common issue. A clear understanding upfront ensures you’re not caught off-guard later.

8. How do you measure success for a branding project?

  • Why you should ask: Knowing the key performance indicators (KPIs) an agency tracks will give you insight into their priorities and how they define success.

9. What support do you offer after the project is completed?

  • The importance: Post-launch support can be invaluable as you begin to roll out your new branding.

10. How do you ensure our brand stands out in the market?  

    • Why this is essential: In today’s saturated market, differentiation is key. An agency’s strategy for making your brand unique reveals its creative prowess.

Arming yourself with these questions will not only help you find the branding agency that’s right for you but also ensure that your branding journey is a collaborative and successful endeavor. Remember, your brand is the face of your company.

Written by:

Sebastian Vaccarella

Sebastian Vaccarella

10 years of leading design teams and building dope brands for small businesses as well as the largest global companies.


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