MAV鈥R鈥CK (n):
an unorthodox or independent-minded person

Founded in 2021 after a group of misfits; a developer, creative director, and startup investor (weird trio, we know), felt the tremendous need to revolutionize how agencies worked with companies in the creation phase.

Fast forward to today, MAVRK Studio focuses on helping hospitality and consumer brands elevate their businesses to be sustainable in the new digital environment by leaning into culture.

With an expanded team and offices in LATAM and NY, MAVRK Team exists to聽create for creators. Through creative solutions and a commitment to pushing boundaries, we are known for positioning brands as authorities in their segments.


We make consumer brands cool. Using our proven methodology, we鈥檝e created brands that are positioned for success in a noisy worlds of CPG and Hospitality. We鈥檙e able to take those same learnings and apply them to our ventures.


Leveraging years of experience in social media marketing, photography and influencer marketing, we鈥檝e learned the tricks of the trade to create high growth brands. Our capabilities allow us to own the entire creative process A-Z.

Finance & Fundraising

As investors, we鈥檝e invested in and advised many venture backed companies. We鈥檝e created a platform to be able to build, create and finance brands to make sure they have the capital needed to generate large returns.

Our Leadership

Don鈥檛 just take our word for it: