>an unorthodox or independent-minded person.

Founded in 2021 after a group of misfits felt the tremendous need for branding and marketing help for companies at the early stages. The founding team consisted of a developer, creative director, and startup investor (weird trio, we know), who wanted to revolutionize how agencies worked with companies in the creation phase.

Fast forward to today, MAVRK Studio focuses on helping hospitality and consumer brand companies elevate their businesses to be sustainable in the new digital environment. With an expanded team and offices in LATAM and NY, MAVRK Studio is one of the preferred agencies for consumer brands and hospitality companies that want to position themselves as authorities in their segments. Through creative solutions and a commitment to pushing boundaries, the MAVRK team exists to create for creators.

Our Vision

We believe the world is changing… quickly. Long gone are the days when we buy a brand because that’s what our parents did.

Consumers are smarter (and younger) than ever and are connecting with what brands stand for, not just a name. It’s more important than ever to lean into authenticity.

MAVRK Studio wants to be a part of catalyzing change that empowers these creators to show up in the world how they deserve to.

Our Approach

Every business is unique and each deserves to be treated as such.

After launching countless brands and pushing others into hyper-growth, we operate best when offering customized solutions.

As experts in the consumer brand and hospitality space, we’re able to leverage our past experiences in offering tried and true methods in addition to using out-of-the-box creativity to challenge the status quo.